Alpha Spotlight: A Remarkable Transformation in Health and Fitness

Alpha Transformations



We turn our spotlight to our 57-year-old OG brother, who has been part of our journey for three years, consistently achieving his goals. He has faced numerous challenges, but his unwavering determination has led to remarkable mental and physical growth along the way!

Check out the story of Leo Bay-Lum…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“2018- Diagnosed with Obesity

2019- Diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease (Hips, Knees & Ankles), several severe Herniated Discs in Lower Back with narrowing of the spinal canal.

2021- Contracted Covid Pneumonia & High Blood Pressure hospitalized (12) days on a Covid Unit near death.

2023- Total (R) Hip Replacement was released a few days later and had to be immediately readmitted back into the hospital due to complications.

The journey has been extremely hard, but I couldn't have achieved any level of fitness if not for the support that I've gotten throughout the years from everyone in the Over 40 Brotherhood, and the programming itself.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I came in weighing 345 lbs and my weight now is 275 lbs!

I'm also no longer on my blood pressure medication.

My Testosterone levels have gone up 300 points or more over the years from 200 something to over 500 plus. It might be even higher come the next time I get check in February 2024.

Without losing the weight and adding muscle, I’m not sure I would have pulled through what I’ve been through, I say all the time that Funk's Program is a life-saving program and I am a living testament.”



“Stay consistent follow the process and the results will come! The Over 40 Alpha program has helped me and thousands of brothers around the world to WIN the game of life…Work on getting 1% Better Each Day!”


Thank you, Leo, for brightening our lives with your inspiration and vitality! Cheers to many more years of accomplishing great things in our community!



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