Alpha Spotlight: A Journey to Confidence, Physical Wellness, and Professional Impact

Alpha Transformations



Presenting our American brother, 51 years young, who has sculpted both his waist and chest, radiating newfound confidence that he generously shares with others. A worthy Alpha and a recent addition to our esteemed Alpha OGs!


Check out the story of Michael Hill…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I was content with what I was doing, but I was not happy with the way I was looking or my fitness levels.

I have a perception of what a person in my profession should look like to instill confidence in others and I was not there.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I am happier with how I look and believe that transfers to my work.

I believe I am beginning to look like someone who can perform my duties and instill confidence in others of my abilities. 

I may not have lost any weight as such but I have lost at least 8 cm/ 3 inches around my waist. I have also gained at least 5 cm/2 inches in my chest. 

My arms and legs are firmer and stronger too.

Most importantly, I am more confident and I believe that I can get it done. 

I strive to assist others starting out with what I have learned so far.”



“Be patient some days or weeks are slow, but if you need help come to the group there is always someone who can help you or listen to you I that's what you need.

Always try for that 1% better.”


Thank you, Michael, for opening up and sharing your story. Your ability to find victories is commendable. Keep your focus on progressing by just 1% each day.



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