Alpha Spotlight: A Dutch Inspiration Conquering O40A’s Initial Phases

Alpha Transformations



We turn our spotlight to a 49-year-old individual from the Netherlands, who has successfully navigated through the initial three stages of the O40A.

Despite having encountered ankle injuries, enduring travels, staying in hotel rooms, and enduring lengthy car journeys, he is refining himself and embracing Alpha characteristics. Through his consistent and nearly daily posts within the community, he has effectively embraced responsibility and accountability.

Check out the story of Tullio Gervasio…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before the program, I felt fit but BLOATED!

I had lots of health information in my head but lots of confusion on how to use it.

I needed a clear path to follow.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​”3 months in and I am COMMITTED, I am focused, I am motivated and I am SATISFIED with myself!”



“Never give up and be disciplined.

Do it today, not TOMORROW.”


Appreciation for sharing your daily journey within the community, motivating us to remain steadfast on our path!



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