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Today, we celebrate our 53-year-old brother from the UK, who has just completed Alpha PLUS, marking his second full cycle within the brotherhood! He has achieved the smallest waist size of his adult life and reduced his body fat to the Alpha Zone!

Check out the story of Darren Stratton…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before starting the programme I was feeling increasingly tired and I had no strength or muscle mass, despite running regularly which I thought was a good way to keep in shape.

I was just starting to feel old and thought this was an inevitable decline after turning 50.

My mood was also starting to decline.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I am in the best shape of my life.
This programme has completely changed my mind and body for the better!!

I am down to a size 30 waist (smallest of my adult life).
According to my calipers, my body fat percentage is 13.27%.

I just need to increase my testosterone to qualify for Alpha Savage!”



“Trust the process and you simply can't go wrong.
Make your nutrition, recovery and mindset as much of a priority as your workouts and you’ll get there”


Congratulations on completing Alpha PLUS, brother! Keep pushing towards the Alpha Zone and get ready for the next step in the series with Alpha PRIME!



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