A Year to Alpha – Shedding 38lbs, Rediscovering Vitality, and Embracing Change

Alpha Transformations



Today, we celebrate our latest ALPHA OG, a 45-year-old American brother who has triumphed! He's freed from blood pressure medications, no longer in the realm of pre-diabetes, brimming with boundless energy, and has shed an impressive 38 lbs of stubborn fat!


Check out the story of Angel Rodriguez Jr…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before this I was on blood pressure medication, I was pre diabetic and my weight was sitting at 220lbs. I was sluggish and didn't have the energy to do anything. I wasn't happy and was stressed every day. I would do workouts and after a few days my body hurt so much I would stop.  It was a sluggish routine with no consistency.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Now after finishing the One Year to Alpha, P12, my weight is 182lbs, down 38lbs since the start. My pant size is now 34! My body fat is at 13.8%. I'm no longer on blood pressure meds, my glucose levels are normal and my cholesterol is normalized.

I now have energy for days and I'm more sexually active, my wife loves it!! My eating habits have changed for the better and have made a huge difference. My body no longer hurts, I wake up ready to tackle the day and the next workout.

I'm happy where I'm at but not satisfied. Remember, 1% better everyday!”



“It's going to be hard, you have to follow the nutrition that funk lays out for you. But I can tell you it's worth it.

It is a great challenge but with the right mind set it's possible. I didn't think I could do these crazy workouts but I'm amazed with what I have accomplished.

Nothing is impossible. You have to have your why and you will need to remind yourself during your transformation and workout. At the end, it will all be worth it.” 


Congratulations, Angel! I'm eagerly anticipating witnessing your sculpted abs take center stage post-Alpha Prime, especially when you unlock Alpha SAVAGE!



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