A Brother’s Journey to Losing 38lbs and Gaining Confidence

Alpha Transformations




Today, we shine a light on a brother who completed the 90-day Muscle Shred Challenge, shedding 38 lbs and gaining newfound confidence in himself and his abilities.

Check out the story of Mike Harris…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before the Muscle Shred challenge, I was a 303 pound blob.
I was depressed and constantly disappointed with myself.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Now after the challenge I weigh in at 265 lbs.

My BMI was 39.5 and am now sitting at 20.

Now i feel more confident and feel better physically and emotionally. Everyone I know can tell a difference!

Back problems continue to be a problem but stretching is helping tons.

My biggest focus was my why (family).

I didn't want to let them down by failing and didn't want to let myself down by not finishing what we started!

I have never really started something life-changing and followed through but this challenge was my first start to finish. Procrastination is my middle name sometimes but have learned a lot with this brotherhood.”



“Join the brotherhood. The support from all you gentlemen was inspiring.”


Congratulations, Mike! Keep up the momentum as you progress through the phases of Over 40 Alpha, and soon you'll be in the Alpha Zone!



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