9kg Down in 3 Months: Defining the Physique and Boosting Confidence

Alpha Transformations



Today, our spotlight shines on our 55-year-old Aussie brother, who has shed 9kg in the first 3 months of O40A, accomplishing it with Alpha-style determination.


Check out the story of Christopher Beecham…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I have lost weight before on various diets and programs but they always made me look skinny and emaciated and I still had a belly. The diet plans were always complicated and hard to stick to so I ultimately gave up…”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I have lost 9kg in 3 months (20lbs) while eating huge meals.
I am starting to see more definition around my chest, arms, abs and shoulders.
I am definitely feeling more confident and comfortable with my body and my wife thinks I'm getting too confident!”



“If you want to lose weight, feel confident and get a better body, this is the way to get it done.”


Congratulations on your achievements! Keep pushing forward and making it happen!



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