Over 40 Alpha Virtue: You Write Your Story Every Day

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Becoming A Different Story: You Write Your

Story Every Day

The power of the story helps us understand what it means to be human. Putting our virtues into action allows us to develop our potential and live a more purposeful life- the ALPHA way!

Humans are adaptable. We have the capacity to change, to become the ALPHA we want to be.

You Write Your Story Every Day

Think about every movie you’ve ever watched.

I like the Batman trilogy (a black armour kickin ass, it’s how I feel in the gym some days)

We spend the first part of the movie bonding with the main character.

But how dang boring would that movie get if that’s all that happened…

We need a good fight scene.

We need drama, we need some action to keep us captivated and engaged.

That’s where the Joker comes in…

The guy we love to hate.

It’s no different than the story of our lives.

We have villains that attack us every day.

We have a stress attack us every day from the pressures of work, home, family, finances…

And if we don’t step up and handle it like the ALPHA we need to be…

That villain will take control and take us for a nasty ride.

That’s why we train (but not overtrain)! 

That’s why we focus on having a GET IT DONE mindset (so we step up and do what needs to be done for our Kingdom).

That’s why we have the Brotherhood to keep us accountable for being the men we need to be to ensure we are keeping the villains at bay.

Every day we write the story for our life.

Are we going to WIN today?

Or are we going to take a ride in the passenger seat and let the world slip by…

Write the story of your life BEFORE it happens and become intentional about the body you want, the relationship you want, the career you want, and the lifestyle you want, like the other guys getting it done in the Over 40 Alpha


Let’s choose to GET IT DONE! 

Funkster and the rest of the Alpha brothers are rooting for you!



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