Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Willpower Is A Muscle

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

The Strive: Willpower Is A Muscle

Look around carefully and you will notice that people who are thriving set goals for themselves.  Without goals, life will be unfocused and the chance of success will be limited. 

With the goal as a focus point, willpower will come into play as you make the sacrifice by adjusting your life towards your progress. 

Willpower Is A Muscle

Have you ever tried to say no to birthday cake or the wife’s homemade cookies and find yourself physically tensing your muscles in rebellion against temptation?

Sometimes it’s so hard to say no, it takes a fight against yourself to get where you need to go.

This is where physical muscles are shown to tie directly to willpower muscles.


Willpower is the muscle we are working on every single day that is often depleted by end of the day.

It’s willpower that gets you out of bed in the morning.

It’s the willpower that gets you to stand in a cold shower for a full 3 minutes.

It’s the willpower that gets you to stick with the Meta-Test boost system instead of muffins and donuts all day.


Every time you say no to something you want…

Every time you finish your workout and you’re lying there in a puddle of sweat…

You’ve used your willpower muscle and it gets tired.

This is why you’re most susceptible to snacking late at night…

When the willpower is all used up.


So how do we combat this and grow our willpower muscles so we can become Alpha?

One tool to use is “the recency effect” 

We are more likely to remember things that have happened to us recently, and we can use this to our advantage when willpower is low.

By starting your day writing out your values, or as we call it “your WHY” you can recall this information quicker and make stronger decisions each day.


Write down the things you value in the morning:

  • A strong healthy body that performs for you
  • Focused energy that gets you through long days easily
  • A craving for healthy Alpha foods
  • Six pack in your sixties
  • The longevity to see your granddaughter's wedding


If you were to write out your values each morning, you’ll soon see how much easier it is to stay on track and flex your willpower muscle.

Try it for one week. Starting tomorrow morning.


Willpower plays an important role in our life and obtaining a willpower mindset is a journey and not a leap. A whole new world of possibilities opens as we learn and experience.



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