Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Vision

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Core Competency: Vision


The Future of Brotherhood

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18


When you joined the brotherhood, there is one critical question.

One question that ties it all together and helps you get it done each day.

That question…


“What is your WHY?”


It is like a disservice to not show OUR why.

Where we're going with the O40A and why do we need you?


Our goal when we came together at the beginning of 2019 to create this space for you was to create THE #1 PLACE FOR MEN OVER 40.


>> to give clarity on the foods that men over 40 need to eat and to avoid living as Alphas.

>> to give the proper style of exercise that keeps us lean and won’t burn out

>> to create a safe space to inspire each other and uplift other brothers.


Our ultimate goal is to help 1,000,000 men reclaim their bodies and lives with the O40A.


The Funkster has been in the hospital TWICE, while his brothers had his back.

And, he will go to the grave with his men.

He is so committed to his WHY.

…to serving his people.


And that’s why we need you.

Because without anyone to lead…

There would be no FUEL in the FUNKSTER


Nietzche says: “he who has a strong WHY can bear almost anyhow”


Revisit your why… Let your commitment to your WHY remains steadfast and the virtues of the brotherhood are precise and clear!



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