Over 40 Alpha Virtue: The Man Without Value Is Susceptible To Anything

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Knowing and Growing: The Man Without Value

Is Susceptible To Anything


Clearly defined values can significantly help drive decisions that align with your overall goals and create a sense of balance.

The Man Without Value Is Susceptible To Anything

As a man who’s put in over 4 decades into this life…

We’ve been all sorts of “identities”

We’ve been the little boy depending on his parents…

We’ve been teenagers chasing girls and having a good time…

And now we get to be the man of the house, 

and work on leaving our legacy.


With each changing phase, comes a changing hierarchy of values.

We would have valued social and connection more as young men chasing girls and youthful desires.


These days we cannot be guided by desire.

Desire will not allow us to step into the next level of legacy we wish to create.

Late nights of alcohol and chicken wings are short-term thrills that rob us of long-term momentum (not saying they can’t be done in moderation).


But we must stand strong for what we value.

For some of us, family comes #1.

And you know this because all life stops when something happens to our kids.

Or the dozens of pictures we’ve seen in the brotherhood of the men and their Queens 


For some of us, it’s a business that we value most… 

like an Elon Musk who sacrifices it all for the sake of the company.


But whatever it is we set as our highest values…

We must make the decision to stand tall on it.


For without a man strong in his values…

You’ll see an adult who flutters with the wind and stands for nothing.

This is merely an adult version of that little boy dependent on the world.


As men, we make clear decisions.

We form a legacy.

And we lead by example.

We’re the ones dripping in sweat on the floor… Rather than simply talking about the desire for health.


Every day is a reminder of what you value.

And make sure you are standing strong for those.


I commend you for being here and getting it done with us.

Showing other men what is possible for their legacy.


Much Love,

The Funkster


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