Over 40 Alpha Virtue: The Focusing Effect

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Distinct Information: The Focusing Effect

The focusing effect is the inclination for the brainpower to depend too much on the first point it received in relation to decisions shaped later on.

The Focusing Effect

Take a minute to think back to when you pushed the submit button and got started on this journey with us.

The days you worked hard and looked in the mirror to see the fat still sitting there.

The sinking feeling that you’re not where you want to be.


This is the focusing effect at its worst.


As humans, we tend to put a lot of emphasis on some variables and less on others even when all things are equal.

You might have strong energy levels, good cholesterol, and great ligaments, and joints, but the focusing effect has you staring directly at what you don’t want…. Belly fat.


So let’s start to put the focusing effect on the positive.

Look at everything going on right now in your body and life.

This is the amplification needed to get focused on what you want.


From this point, we can be laser-focused on creating the body and minds of Alpha men, ones that we can be proud of and flaunt.


Maybe even grab a journal and document all the things that are going right, which will have you more focused on the over-arching journey and not the small things.


The focusing effect is considered a cognitive bias that happens when a person places too much emphasis on a selected detail rather than seeing the “larger picture”. 


Targeting the 1% better every day is a good focus. 

The easiest way to maintain it is to start asking yourself questions. “What happened last time I did that?” “Is it sensible to assume that a single action caused that outcome?” 



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