Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Take Charge

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Mindset Of Positivity: Take Charge

Alpha males are natural leaders. 

They’re influential with their ability to stand firm in their beliefs, without being aggressive.

Take Charge

They know when it’s time to be a follower, with their open curious mind. They can act quickly and use their exceptional decision-making capabilities in all areas of life. They know that action must be taken to move forward and that if it isn’t working you can always pivot in another direction.


Taking charge is a mindset of confidence. 

It means that you believe in yourself and you let no other human stop you from taking the steps that will make your vision a reality.

This is self-leadership to the highest degree.

You know at any moment you can choose to change your thoughts which will propel your action in the right direction. 

Taking charge is an important form of dynamic behavior that sustains team endurance and individual development. Learning how to motivate fellow Alphas to engage in taking-charge behavior has become one of the inspiring calls. 


Set your own goals. Don’t let others set them for you. Find out what resources you need to get it done and simply make it happen. Learn what you can control because you can’t control the situations at all times. Focus instead on what you can accomplish. Become accountable otherwise, you won’t have the self-discipline to modify things for the better. Admit it when you get things mistaken.

Taking charge is also a form of taking responsibility.


Set goals, measure performance, and adjust your approach.

You can sleep much better at night knowing you were the best version of yourself today.


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