Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Shaved Legs, Mountain Snow, And A Test Of The Brotherhood

Over 40 Alpha

Working Together: Shaved Legs, Mountain

Snow, and a Test of the Brotherhood


The term brotherhood means different things to different people. The core relates to how we treat each other in our Alpha Brotherhood. 

Sweating through the same challenges. Celebrating with the same accountabilities. Believing in the #GID mantra. 


Shaved Legs, Mountain Snow, and A Test of the


Story by O40A Mikey T.


It was -2 degrees in the mountains of Kamloops British Columbia, with freshly shaved legs exposed to the snow and winds, wearing short tights and a thin singlet…

Breathing felt like I had a gas mask on and my right foot throbbed of tendinitis every step through the 8km of trail for the Canadian Collegiate Cross Country Championships.

I could feel my body giving up and worse, my mind telling me to quit…

Then I passed the coach.

Eye contact reminded me why I’m doing this…

Then I look down at my hand…

#FTB written in black sharpie barely faded from sweat and snow.


And months of training flashed through my mind.

7 months of grueling training, every single day for these boys.. for this team… for this race.

I wasn’t sure if the pain subsided then or if my mind found a greater point of consciousness to focus on…

mike tielemans rick tielemans

But I managed to finish strong.

The metallic taste of blood in the back of my mouth.

And the feeling of support from every other one of the boys for putting in the work…together.

Even though we lost first place to a teammate collapsing 200m before the finish line (a story for another day) it’s the highest point of camaraderie towards a common goal I’ve ever experienced.

And it’s what we aim for when we created the Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood.


Have you heard the word ‘collective consciousness’?

It is a set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force.

And that is what we have in the Over 40 Alpha Program, specifically the awesome Facebook group of brothers from around the world, sweating through the same challenges together with one common goal. Better themselves, and better those around them.



See we are surrounded by tribes.

We grew up in from our parents in the form of a family and then we went on to create one.

We have tribes at work.

We have tribes in our social circles.

But when it comes to “a unifying force”…

You’re not going to find a group that will get you to your goals like the Brotherhood.

And that’s why we need men like you.


We can only expect so much support from our wives and kids to keep us accountable, for our goals.

We can’t expect much support from our buddies at work.

Because they’re not the ones leaving it all on the floor, dripping in sweat, with the common belief that our next 40 years can be better than our first.

They’re not the ones saying no to the amazing foods, the cold beers on a summer day…


We need each other.

And that’s why I want to say I LOVE YOU for being on this journey together.

Life is better when shared with others.

We couldn’t do it without YOU!




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