Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Pursue Your Dreams


Passion In Life: Pursue Your Dreams

Part of becoming an Alpha man in this new age is not simply to provide for yourself (and/or family), but these days it’s about enjoying the journey.

Not exactly in a hedonistic way, but pursuance of what makes your soul happy.

Pursue Your Dreams

Your dreams are the core of your life. A third of your day is spent dreaming horizontally. 

Since humans are growth-oriented, we are always seeking the next level. You made it to where you currently are in life and we are never satisfied staying in this space for the rest of our lives.


There’s always the next level.

An Alpha gets his dreams off the shelf!


Your dream is not a coincidence. Every person has a unique set of dreams, what you may seek, someone may run from. This is a sign to follow what lights you up.

The sense of purpose and drive that comes from a pursuit of a worthwhile dream will help you sleep at night fulfilled, regardless of how much cash you put in your pocket that day.

You need the courage to build a happy life. These choices don’t always come easy. We often focus on the reasons not to do something, we must teach ourselves to trust our path and be vulnerable to what is best for our soul and not what others expect of us.


Many factors can pull you off track when you’re pursuing your dreams. 

Negative self-talk

Destructive people 

A weak mindset. 


Focus on the mental game and the north star to which you are chasing. Chase what makes you happy and nothing else. Your dreams might shift as you grow older but always pursue something.

“What do I really want? Realizing my dreams, or getting stuck? Do I choose to follow my dream and gain happiness and abundance? Or do I lock myself up with fear?” The choice is yours.


Put your goals in front of you. Visualize them, define them. Get it done! 

Become inspired and share that with the world.

“Each dream you leave behind is a part of your future that will no longer exist.” – Steve Jobs


Choose the Alpha path.


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