Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Open-Minded


Key To Understanding Life: Open-Minded

The term “open-minded” is often used as another term for being tolerant. From a psychological perspective, the term is used to describe how willing people are to consider other perspectives and not be so rigid in their thinking.


Open-mindedness is not easy and requires a willingness to go against oneself to find a more supportive set of beliefs. It takes a strong mind to challenge your own thinking. 

If a man is not open-minded about his progress and life choices, it means he cannot grow past a certain level. His growth will be stunted at its current level.

By simply recognizing others’ beliefs and practices you can build a more harmonious relationship with whoever you meet along the way. This is a great first step in being open-minded to other ways of being.

Being open-minded can help us cooperate to progress as individuals, and as a community.

Embrace innocence. Remind yourself that we don’t know everything and that everyone out there has something they can teach us.

Explore diversity. Meet new people, learn about other cultures, or visit new places. By openly looking out for variety, you can become more accepting of differences and even enjoy the company of the different people around you.

Being open-minded in today’s lively world is one of the most important traits you can learn. Like no man ever walks in the same river twice. You will never experience exactly the same thing. 


Let’s open up to life, and the changes that it brings, keep an open mind, and always continue to pursue greatness, just 1% better each day!

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