Over 40 Alpha Virtue: More Pain Please

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Reward And Motivation: More Pain Please


We naturally want to protect ourselves from pain and difficulty, but when we do this we deprive ourselves of the challenges that will help us grow intellectually and emotionally. 

Happiness can actually come out of difficulty, not just in spite of it.

More Pain Please

Completing the phases week by week results in changing our mindset, changing our beliefs about who we are and what our aging body is capable of.


When you started, you were a completely different person than you are now…

Not only because your body physically regenerates itself every day with new cells…

But because the pounds shredded…

The muscle gained…


You’ve answered the hardest question that MAN must ask himself…


“What pain do I WANT to feel in my life..”

And you’ve asked for a second helping of it with many of the workouts and with all the times you had to turn down your old favorite vices.


But now you’ve on the other side of pain.

You’ve moved enough neurotransmitters in your brain to know that the signals begging you to stop after the second round is no comparison to the MIND that knows to just “get it done”


And so you take a giant step over the pain…

And you ask your body “more pain please”

Then watch how your mindset holds the hammer of Thor and takes the pain like it's just another step in a long journey to greatness.


The more we ask for pain, the more our brain tells us the body that we’re “safe”.

That we can handle it.


Like the old Chinese men who train getting kicked in the balls.


To a civilized man…this looks worse than death.

But they’ve trained their brains to stop sending nerve signals to the boys…

And soon there is no pain.


That’s what is possible in this incredible machine we call bodies.

We can turn off the signals telling us to give up.

And simply ask for more.


And if we chose to skip workouts…

To start eating whatever we want and feel pleasure where we used to feel pain…

Then we’re simply choosing a different pain.

The pain of getting out of bed with an unhealthy body.

The pain of not getting it up when we need it most.

The pain of seeing ourselves in the mirror after “letting ourselves go”

So pick your pain, brother.

I’ll take burpees anyway.


Here’s to GETTING IT DONE guys! 


– The Funkster


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