Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Kensho – Growth From Pain

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Choose To Grow: Kensho- Growth From Pain


By engaging ourselves in our personal growth, we put ourselves in the best position to receive inspiration. 

Pain will no longer be something that would pull us down.

Growth From Pain 

Kensho vs Satori

Motivation from O40A Mike T. 


It sounds like a UFC fight.

But in fact, it's an old Asian adage about how we, as humans, grow.


Growth is a choice.

If you’ve got a fixed mindset… I don’t care how Alpha you pretend to be.

You will have walls up that prevent you from climbing over to a greener pasture.


But if you’ve got a growth mindset…

Then you’re in a constant flux of adaptation and seizing opportunities to grow.


This brings me to my Asian reference.

They believe there are 2 ways to grow.

There’s Kensho.
And there’s Satori.


Kensho is growing from pain.

If you’ve done workouts with the Funkser…

I’m sure you’ve felt all levels of pain and on the other side of that..

You’ve felt the growth that comes with it.

This is the type of growth you can’t find in Satori.


Satori is growth from insight.

The insight that comes from witnessing the world.

From witnessing your thoughts through silence, nature, meditation.

And this is a more peaceful way to grow.


Either one is an indicator of your decisions.

The pain you feel after 100 pushups if you’re carrying 50lbs of excess fat will be different pain than Funk will feel as a fitness machine.

But that Kensho pain will lead to Satori pain if you allow yourself to see that it’s simply an indicator for the choices you are making each day.


Look at the pain you feel when faced with a tough workout, a tough day, or simply some tough temptation.


Let that pain sit …
and then analyze through Satori what that pain is telling you about your daily decisions.

And then you can live from a place of Alpha.

A place of action.

A place of mindful control.

Face Kensho head-on.

And reflect in Satori.


Keep asking yourself with this, “What have I learned from this and how can I grow?”

And live like a frickin King! 


Mike Tielemans

Head of Tribe Building
Partner in O40A



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