Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Honor The Queen Of Your Kingdom

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Unconditional: Honor The Queen Of Your


Respect is necessary for a healthy relationship. It means you recognize that your partner is a whole person. 

Honor The Queen Of Your Kingdom


Who is the Queen of your KINGDOM!?

As Over 40 Alpha Men we RESPECT, LOVE and CELEBRATE our women every day of our lives…

They are the Queens of Our Kingdoms. Undoubtedly, they support making us the responsible MEN we need to be. The ALPHA that we are! 


It is also about recognizing and respecting your relationship's needs. When you agree on your values, you’ll agree on a lot more. Live your story together! 

Honoring your queen will result in lasting accomplishment in your life. 


Like a crown on a king's head, she signals to everyone that they should honor and respect this man, YOU!

Make sure you are celebrating your woman every day, even the little things count!

How you do anything is how you do everything!


#GID to celebrate your QUEEN your WHY!






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