Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Has Self-Confidence


Full Trust: Has Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the key to evaluating self-worth.

A man who has self-confidence knows what his wants are. He gets what he wants. He knows what he deserves and does not settle for anything less. They are Alpha men. 

Has Self-Confidence

An Alpha has a motivation nurtured and developed through a clear vision. This takes skill and time to develop but is a possible reality.

Alpha men are confident because they know themselves.

Confident men take action on a daily basis. This allows them to put the repetitions in to learn that fear and anxiety are all normal feelings that every human experiences. A confident man does not let that hold him back. 

Alpha men have failed in one way or the other. They are able to accept the truth that they will fail and can break the power of shame. When you can embrace failure as proof of action, you will become a more confident Alpha man.

Alpha men are confident because they push themselves.

Have you ever met an athlete who hasn’t taken great risks with their boundaries? 

That type of confidence in men comes from the never-ending pursuit and action of pushing one's self to new limits. 

The more familiar you become with your strengths, and interests, the more agreeable and accepting you’ll become of your weaknesses. You’ll begin to realize that you don’t need other people to find you worthy to be worthy.

Confidence is a muscle, it’s one that needs to be strengthened and worked upon. Keep pushing for your own greatness.

Keep getting it done.


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