Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Gratitude- Happiness Antidote

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

All The Benefits: Gratitude- Happiness



“Make sure you count your blessings before you go to bed”

“Say grace before you eat.”


There are many times we hear this, but if you’re like me, it kinda goes over your head.

Gratitude- Happiness Antidote

Motivation from O40A Mike T. 


When it comes to the GET IT DONE mantra of the brotherhood… 

It’s so easy to spew those words with a sweaty selfie…

But what about the times you’re THINKING it…

But what you’re FEELING is contradictory…

And you don’t feel like “getting it done”


This is where the attitude can literally change your physiology.

And a change physiologically can lead to a change in action.


The word is stemmed from the word “attitude” and it can be the cure for getting it done when you don’t want to…
Or at least turning up the dial on general happiness.


The word is GRATITUDE.


There have been studies after studies showing how focusing on the things we are grateful for can change our physiology and

allow us to move more freely into accomplishing what it is we need to do.


So that’s what I encourage you to try.

Either morning or night…

Take a journal and jot an inventory of what you’re grateful for that day.

Think about it while you’re brushing your teeth

Even the things that are currently challenging you…

Take inventory on how that’s making you stronger, more malleable, and gaining more life experience to bestow to the little ones one day.


It sounds cliché.
But it's more powerful than you think.

You might notice the temptation for unhealthy foods doesn’t scream as loudly in your body.

You might notice a more effortless workout when you’d normally struggle.

Or you might just smile a bit more.


Sounds like a worthwhile gamble.

Give a test for 7 days and see if your physiology is just a bit lighter.


Mightily #GID!


Mike Tielemans

Head of Tribe Building
Partner in O40A



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