Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Get It Done

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

I Can I Will: Get It Done

Stop thinking about taking a break because breaks don't get things done.

Get It Done


“I can’t seem to pay so I don’t think I’m going to do the program”

…is a common reason we get from our customer support team.

I sit in disbelief and sometimes simply call these men directly and try and smack them in the face.

If you can’t pass a simple hurdle like a checkout form…

How the heck are you going to lose 20 lbs…

How are you going to complete the first few phases and break that mental barrier to accomplishing your best body over 40?

Some men get excuses,

and some men get it done.

If you’re reading this.

You’re a man who gets it done.

And that’s why I believe this is the best damn group assembled in fitness.

We have a brotherhood of men who get it done.
Everyday. Regardless of circumstance.

Who help other men get it done.

And create a ripple effect of Alphas.

As you get 1% better, you inspire other men to get 1% better.

Every set…

Every sweat… Is a ripple onto what’s possible for those who are letting life get the best of them.

So remember this Alpha trait.

And bring it into every area of your life.

Be known as the guy who always just gets it done.

That awkward conversation.

The call you’ve been putting off.


Just Get In There and Get It Done!


-Funkster & the O4A team!




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