Over 40 Alpha Virtue: A Natural Leader

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Leadership Strength: A Natural Leader

Can anyone be a good leader? 

Alphas may not always feel like natural leaders.
They simply continue charging forward pursuing their aims.
People are inspired by them.
Alphas empower people simply by leading by example.

A Natural Leader

Leadership is a trait most often people wish they had. 

As it is not that easy for all. 

And can be very uncomfortable at first to step into.

Alpha’s know they are a born protector as a patriarch, making them naturally take a leadership role.

Leaders in today's world often have more high-paying positions and higher-status roles.

This is because these traits are hard to acquire and most don’t have what it takes to get there.


In O40A brotherhood, leadership is a virtue.

Every brother has taken leadership of their own health, their future, and their role in their family's future.

We even have those that take a leadership role as a captain or group expert once they’ve mastered the program.

Leadership can sometimes be seen as one man dictating for all…

But here it’s an ecosystem of respect and all leaders recognize this is the other.

It’s not a zero-sum game when you play it with your heart.

Having a strong WHY will get you to take leadership for reasons BIGGER THAN YOURSELF.


Uncover your natural characteristics to influence and inspire the Alpha way. 

Wake up and Get IT Done.

Take leadership of your day.

Take leadership of your life.



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