Over 40 Alpha Virtue: A Good Listener


Silence Is Golden:  A Good Listener

Ernest Hemingway tells us how to do it well – “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” 

And he's right, the conversation is a two-way exercise. Listening spreads patience and tolerance and earns you the respect of people.

A Good Listener

Most people feel a need to engage in every conversation, but for listening completely, it's important to hold back your opinions and thoughts and pay attention to the message being sent across. Knowing that words are only part of what’s being communicated when you are listening completely, you can pick up on so much more from how they are saying things, like the tonality. You will get good enough to understand how their body language is communicating the greater message and your responses will be that much more effective.


This is one of the major qualities of an Alpha man- a good listener. 

An Alpha knows how to empathize with others' emotions and experiences. Many people will think the response is the key to a good conversation but most times it’s your ability to listen that truly will make you a stand-up husband, coworker, friend, and straight-up Alpha.

Allow the other person to speak his mind without interruption.

Here’s where it can take you:

  1. You will be more appreciated by the people whom you talk to
  2. You will gain a new perspective and useful information
  3. Your relationships will feel deeper
  4. You will develop more profound patience within yourself
  5. You will see new opportunities that can get you closer to your goals


To be a good listener, you do not have to agree with the other person or solve their problems. Just make them feel heard by shutting up, and listening with more than just your ears.

Alpha mode is always on and part of that is having the depth of character to listen FULLY.

Get it DONE.


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